1. "[Technological] developments arise anarchically, by chance, without anyone having foreseen their interrelations, or consequences. But there is no denying that, on the whole, this introduction of technology into everyday life ultimately takes place within the framework of modern bureaucratized capitalism and tends to reduce people’s independence and creativity."
    — Guy Debord (via situationistsinternational)
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  3. adrianamarilyn:

    Double vision
    -double exposures of graffiti and construction in Neukölln

  4. adrianamarilyn:

    Whatever goodnight

  5. adrianamarilyn:

    Berlin as Palimpsest, 2014

  6. adrianamarilyn:

    Berlin as Palimpsest, 2014 Adriana Rabinovitch

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  10. adrianamarilyn:

    words on streets: street art conversations 2/14

  11. street art conversations from san francisco to amsterdam, 2014

  12. spacebabe paint sampler series

  13. Words on streets (notes on notes on notes)

  14. From my new sketchbook series based on interactions in Oakland

  15. Print til I die