1. (Source: whatiremembered)

  4. adrianamarilyn:

    words on streets: street art conversations 2/14

  5. street art conversations from san francisco to amsterdam, 2014

  6. spacebabe paint sampler series

  7. Words on streets (notes on notes on notes)

  8. From my new sketchbook series based on interactions in Oakland

  9. Print til I die

  10. Video component to my “Somnio Ergo Sum” installation, in the Galleries @ Moore until May 18th


  11. Thesis. “Somnio Ergo Sum” Mixed media installation with video. Up at the Galleries @ Moore 4/24-5/18

  12. Got dat woodblock done

  13. Another for the series

  14. Printmaking blues

  15. Three part woodblock + etching